5 Minutes with Pack Leader McNulty of Stylist Magazine

We’re counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until we unleash our cool petwear styles at our pup up boutique at Stylist Live. In anticipation to this four-day style extravaganza, we catch up with Jamie Klingler, publishing manager at Shortlist Media (Stylist and Emerald Street to us), to chat about office dog and fur-girl about town Miss McNulty.



McNulty and Jamie Klingler


McNulty is a six-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She gets her name from McNulty in the TV show The Wire and is the inspiration for Moshling McNulty in Moshi Monsters! Other landmarks in her outstanding canine credentials include her role as the official dog cam for Stylist’s 24 Hour Issue, an appearance in a Coach Advertorial and no less than 2,000 puparazzi pictures on Jamie’s Instagram.


She can mostly be found leading the walk alongside Jamie at various cool events around the capital such as Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day or Emerald Street’s Brunch… or rocking out with bands such as The Vaccines at ShortList Sessions Gigs.


How would you describe McNulty’s personal style?
It’s all about red! It’s McNulty’s favourite colour. She’s got a cool red bow tie, a red doggy neckerchief and the most recent addition is her I Love My Dog Wind Jacket from Lead The Walk.



I Love My Dog Wind Jacket


What has been your most extravagant fashion purchase for McNulty?

We splashed out on an amazing red Harris tweed coat but she outgrew it and we haven’t replaced it.


What is on your Lead The Walk wish list?

Anything red! We’ve currently toying with the cute Knitted Wool Dog Sweater by Milk and Pepper, which is a classic style and would look great for a family Christmas picture and the Hachiko Leather Dog Collar by Moshiqa. The Fairisle Print Cashmere Dog Sweater by Ruby Rufus is also really sweet – granted it’s grey but there’s hints of red and it looks lovely festive. She better start hinting to Santa Paws!




Milk and Pepper Cable Knit Sweater


Hachiko Leather Dog Collar by Moshiqa


Fairisle Print Cashmere Dog Sweater by Ruby Rufus


What doggy style tips can you and McNulty share with our readers?
Check sizing.  Small in dog clothing terms mostly means Chihuahua size. McNulty is only 8.5 kilos but that can often be considered large – we just avoid showing her the labels! Make sure clothes are roomy… tight and your poor pup will end up looking like a pork sausage. Regular grooming. With long ears like McNulty, she needs to keep on top of her furcare to look her best.


Where are your fave doggy hangouts?

Currently we love The Alma Pub in Newington Green or the Dinerama pop up or Streetfeast. We use Doggity app to find out the places that will love hosting us.




McNulty hanging out @terrilwhite from Empire


As a pack leader, what has been McNulty’s top dog moment?

It’s a tough call between meeting Dominic West, her 3rd birthday party when she received a cake of herself or walking the carpet at the Moshi premiere in her tux.




McNulty, Jamie Klingler and Dominic West


When McNulty is not busy leading the walk, how does she like to unwind?
Eating popcorn and hanging out on her Cecil dog sofa from Sofa.com and Dog’s Trust – we love to support our friends at Dog’s Trust.


Follow McNulty’s pack leader lifestyle @Photogirluk on Instagram and @McNultypup on Twitter.