Cool Canines Work The Galaxy Trend

Galaxy hair is the out of this world beauty trend whipping up a storm on Instagram and beyond but it’s not only humans, who are embracing this cosmic-inspired style. Cool canines have also been spotted on Instagram creating a space trend of their own in Frenchie Bulldog Supply’s Galaxy Reversible Harness and matching Galaxy Comfort Lead.






@elvis_thefrenchbulldog and Coco Bean



Packleader @grrl_genius_


Available exclusively to LEAD THE WALK outside of the U.S., Frenchie Bulldog Supply’s Galaxy Reversible Harness and Comfort Lead are the latest products to land at With a unique reversible design of deep purple, bright blue, hot pink and star constellations on one side and a cool blue graphic print on the other, it’s two harnesses in one and is much less of a commitment than an all-over dye job.




Galaxy Reversible Harness £30.00


Galaxy Comfort Lead £20.00


Made from premium, neoprene Frenchie Bulldog Supply’s harnesses are custom-tailored to fit the unique body shape of the French Bulldog but are also suitable for similar build breeds such as Pugs and Boston Terriers. Whip up a fashion storm of your own and grab yours now.

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