Grooming Your Dog – The Basics

Dog Grooming

Looking after your dogs skin and coat is vitally important. Here are our top 10 grooming tips for pet parents:

Paw Naturel Dog Shampoo

1. Use the best dog shampoo you can afford, preferably one which is 100% natural and free from SLS/SLES, parabens and alcohol such as Paw Naturel.


2. Do not wash your dog with product more than once per month as washing your dog too frequently will strip their coat of its natural oils. Rinse mud and dirt off with warm water only in-between shampoo baths or brush off coat once dry.

Rinse your dogs paws after Winter walks

3. Rinse your dogs paws after winter walks on gritted pavements as grit contains deicing chemicals which can burn your dogs pads.


4. Use an appropriate brush for your dogs coat type. A rubber curry brush such as Kong’s Zoom Groom is great for frenchies, pugs, bull breeds and any dog with a short smooth coat.

Stainless Steel Comb

5. Brush your dog regularly, use a stainless steel comb with a slicker brush to de-mat tangle prone coats effectively and painlessly.

6. When cleaning your dogs ears, use a separate wipe for each ear to avoid transferring bacteria or mites between the ears.

7. A dark brown waxy residue combined with warm pinky ear leather could suggest an ear infection and you should take your dog to the vet to be checked.

8. Wipe skin folds with natural wipes such as Earthbath wipes or warm water on a cotton wool pad. To reduce severe tear stains, try Tropiclean Spa Lavish which is natural and mild yet effective when used correctly.

9. If you dog suffers with sore pads or yeasty feet, bathe them in diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother) and warm water. 

10. Pure organic coconut oil is a low cost natural moisturiser for cracked noses and paw pads.