Measuring Guide

How To Measure Your Dog

How to measure your dog

Length - The length of your dog's back, measured along the top of the spine from between the shoulders to the base of the tail.

Chest - The measurement is taken all the way around the biggest part of your dog's ribcage, just behind the front legs.

Neck - The measurement taken all the way the neck at the place where your dog's collar would naturally rest.

Puppies grow quickly so it is vital to check the tightness of their collar or harness regularly.

Always choose a dog collar, harness and dog lead which is appropriate to your dog’s size and shape. All dog collars should have an up to date identity tag containing your contact details attached so that in the event that you are separated, you can be reunited quickly.

Replace any dog collar, harness or lead as soon as it shows any signs of wear.

Dog Clothing

It is important to choose the right clothing for your dog based on the needs of the breed and the weather to ensure that your dog never overheats or feels uncomfortable. Your dog's clothing should never be too tight as to restrict movement.

Please refer to the size and fit guide on each product page for specific measurements as each brand varies.