Model Behaviour

If you’re a dog obsessed Instagrammer, chances are you’ll already know Elle @grrlgenius_, the pint sized French Bulldog with a love of fashion and travel.


Named after Elle “the body” MacPherson, Elle has 13.4k followers on Instagram and was one of the Instafamous pups showing visitors how to strut their fashion stuff at Crufts last year. She’s a popular VIP at Discover Dogs too, if her busy New York – London travel schedule allows.



Elle with Coco and Doug The Pug

Brooklyn born Elle moved to London with her treat master, Coco, and enjoys all the trappings of a celebrity lifestyle. Not only does Elle have an enviable social life, she can count Kristie Brittain, Sam Smith, James McVey and Lulu Guinness amongst her celebrity pals.



Elle with model Kristie Brittain and singer James McVey


Elle with Sam Smith


Elle with designer Lulu Guinness

So, what makes Elle so popular with the fashion and celebrity set? You only have to be in the same room as Elle to understand what everyone loves about her. Not only is she pocket sized with an awesome smile, she really knows how to work the camera.


Here’s Elle wearing some of her favourites pieces from Lead The Walk.



Elle wears Ware of the Dog Vinyl Raincoat



Elle wears Milk and Pepper Knitted Dog Sweater


Elle and Fira wearing Moshiqa Kawai Bathrobes


Elle wears Ware of the Dog Bobble Knit Dog Sweater


Elle wears Milk and Pepper Knitted Dog Sweater


Elle and Fira wear I Love My Dog Wind Jacket and Quilted Dog Coat



Elle and Fira in Milk and Pepper Knitted Bobble Hats




Fira and Elle wears Alqo Wasi Alpaca sweaters

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