As a pet parent and professional dog groomer, I’m always looking to deepen my understanding of dogs and how best to care for them. Over the years, I’ve read many dog related books but there are five books, I’ve discovered recently, which I believe every pet parent would benefit from reading. The Complete Book of Read More

What is holistic dog grooming?

Holistic Dog Grooming, for Lead The Walk, is taking a tailored approach to the individual needs of each dog that visits the grooming studio. It is important to Serena to get to know each dog, their temperament, health and previous grooming experience. The health and wellbeing of each dog is her absolute priority. Serena’s handling is Read More

Doodle Do’s

If you are thinking of getting a doodle puppy, make sure you have considered what your new dog will need in terms of grooming. Doodles have a wool coat which will continually grow until it is trimmed. It will also mat easily if not brushed regularly and like felt material, your dogs coat will felt Read More

5 top tips for dog parents

Before washing your dog, make sure that you’ve de-matted their coat first, as mats will tighten when immersed in water, making them more difficult to remove afterwards. 2. Dried sleep and gunk is easier to remove from the corner of your dogs eye when wet. Instead of trying to remove when dry or resorting to Read More