What is holistic dog grooming?

Holistic Dog Grooming, for Lead The Walk, is taking a tailored approach to the individual needs of each dog that visits the grooming studio. It is important to Serena to get to know each dog, their temperament, health and previous grooming experience.

The health and wellbeing of each dog is her absolute priority. Serena’s handling is focused on the comfort, safely and wellbeing of each dog at all times with plenty of breaks, if necessary.

If a dog has had a poor experience elsewhere and has become reactive to certain noises or equipment such as clippers, we adapt our grooming approach and the techniques used, working with the dog to overcome their fears.

She only uses the highest quality dog shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Any products that are used on a dog are carefully selected based on the dog’s skin condition, coat type and any known allergies. Serena uses natural shampoo’s with and without essential oils as some dog’s skin can be irritated by essential oils so they are not always appropriate.

Serena conducts a visual health check of the dog prior to commencing each groom, looking for any lumps, bumps or irregularities in skin, coat and nails. Serena will check a dogs eyes, ears, teeth and gums as well as feel for any musculoskeletal conditions.

The condition of a dogs coat and external examinations can tell Serena a great deal about a dog’s diet and overall health. Serena will provide pet guardians with guidance on diet and nutrition, if requested, and advise on any conditions believed to require veterinary assessment. 

Serena will always outline what needs to be gone at home in between grooms and provide recommendations for tools and techniques to make the grooming experience effective and enjoyable for both the dog and their human family.

It is important to build a strong relationship with each dog and pet guardians are encouraged to bring their dog for grooming at least once every 12 weeks.